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What should I do right after a work accident?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2024 | Workers' Compensation |

Working in high-risk occupations can expose you to different situations and work conditions that may endanger you or your welfare. Sometimes, these professions come with risks that make accidents more likely than other jobs, making it crucial to know how to protect yourself and your eligibility for workers’ compensation coverage.

It can provide benefits to cover any work-injury-related expenses, such as medical costs, lost income and other relevant bills. Most accidents at work that lead to injury or disability can receive coverage from this program. Still, specific circumstances can impact your ability to file a claim, including what you do right after the incident. To preserve your claim’s validity, you might need to complete the following steps after sustaining a workplace injury:

  • Report the accident or injury to your employer. For some conditions that develop over time, communicate it as soon as you believe it affects your job. This step is essential to associate the health issue with your work.
  • Seek medical treatment, including urgent care for emergency cases. You should also inform your physician and other medical staff if the injury or condition arose because of your job, potentially helping them to determine the most appropriate treatment.

After taking these steps, you may begin working on the paperwork for your claim with help from your employer. They have a crucial role in going through the process, especially when submitting documents on time. Failure to do these steps right away may also risk your claim’s validity, including other requirements that may vary based on the circumstances.

Relying on workers’ compensation when necessary

Injuries at work can easily result in extensive medical bills and disabilities that could make employees unable to return to their jobs. Because of what could happen in the aftermath, industries put in significant effort to implement safety standards and prevent injuries. But sometimes, accidents are unavoidable.

Workers’ compensation could be an essential safety net, but only if you qualify for coverage. Fortunately, experienced legal counsel can help you understand how it works and clarify misunderstandings. Learning about your benefits and how to protect them can be vital, not only for you but also for your entire family.