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Workers' compensation benefits will cover fall injury costs

Slips, trips and falls are chronic hazards in all industries in California, and despite all the focus on it in safety training and protective gear and devices, the number of incidents increases every year. This rise is also reflected in the number of workers' compensation benefits claims for lost work days. According to the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, over 20,000 such injuries were reported in 2015.

Some jobs come with a risk of knee injuries

Many professions have duties that include a lot of knee usage. From having to climb up ladders to heavy lifting, your knees can get a real workout during the day. This is especially true for manual laborers, including cable and carpet installers, linemen, factory workers and other similar laborers.

Personal injury: Swimming pool safety legislation updated

With the California summer in full swing, parents must consider the safety of their children around swimming pools. Authorities say drownings of children between ages 1 and 4 years are the second leading cause of toddler deaths in the state, and even those who survive such incidents could suffer a personal injury such as irreversible brain damage that might cause permanent disabilities. Residential swimming pools are particularly dangerous because homeowners might think that just being around the house is sufficient supervision, while children should never be unaccompanied at any swimming pool.

Workers' compensation benefits cover ergonomic injuries

Safety authorities say a significant percentage of workplace injuries suffered nationwide, including in California, are caused by overexertion. In fact, they say that this is the primary contributor of costs for workers' compensation. Thousands of people miss workdays due to overexertion every year.

SSDI, LTD, workers' comp -- who qualifies for which benefits?

Many California workers think that debilitating injuries only happen to others. However, unanticipated injuries or illnesses can befall anyone, and understanding eligibility for the different types of benefits -- SSDI, LTD and workers' compensation -- could prevent panic if it happens. However, the intricacies can be confusing and seeking professional guidance makes good sense.

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