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Will workers' compensation cover injuries caused by robotics?

The rapid advances in technology have forced many employees in various California industries to become used to having robotic co-workers share their workspaces. Along with new technology typically comes new safety risks, and many workers' compensation claims have been filed after workers were injured by robots. While safety projects focus mainly on developing safer interactions between humans and robots, Amazon recently reported that it created a personal protective device to the robots in its facilities from causing injuries to the human workers.

Workers' compensation: Garbage truck causes driver's death

Each occupation has a unique set of hazards, along with the precautions that are necessary to mitigate them. However, sometimes, workplace accidents happen that are inexplicable, and those may need thorough investigation before their causes become clear. Fortunately, the California workers' compensation insurance system is a no-fault program, and benefits claims do not have to wait for the results of an investigation.

What is temporary disability in workers' compensation?

One of the benefits that workers who are injured in California might receive through workers' compensation is a cash payment known as disability. These are temporary payments that help to cover a portion of lost wages due to the injury. The payments are in addition to medical coverage and other benefits.

For what reasons are SSDI benefit claims denied?

Reports often indicate that most Social Security Disability claims for benefits are rejected upon the initial filing. People in California and other states who suffered debilitating injuries or illnesses might rely heavily on SSDI benefits to assist with the financial burdens of living and medical expenses. So, why are so many claims denied?

Workers' compensation: New equipment poses new safety hazards

The safest industrial facility can become a deadly work environment when new equipment is placed into service. Workers' compensation claims in California frequently involve injuries that resulted from changes to production processes and installing new machinery without proper preparation and training. With new equipment comes new hazards and new safety precautions.

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