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Workers' compensation benefits can help surviving family members

A spokesperson for the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health reported the outcome of an investigation that followed the death of a worker in the twin tunnel rail project last August. The worker suffered a fatal blow when a steel beam struck him in the head, and two contractors were fined and cited for safety violations. The spokesperson says several other tunnel-related injuries often lead to workers' compensation claims.

What is the supplemental job displacement benefits program?

There are many factors that workers who are injured on the job have to consider if they are trying to obtain benefits from workers' compensation. While you might think of this program as one that pays medical bills and provides temporary disability, there are other facets of the program that can benefit injured workers.

Workers' compensation: Cal/OSHA finalizes trench collapse inquiry

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health recently reported its findings after investigating a workplace accident in Daly City that claimed the life of a construction worker last July. The surviving family members of the deceased worker might have already filed a claim for workers' compensation death benefits. The state-regulated insurance program is a no-fault system, so eligibility for benefits does not depend on the outcome of the investigation.

Workers' compensation claims show some common hazards exist

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health requires employers in all sectors to protect their employees from known risks. While each workplace has its unique safety issues, some common hazards exist, regardless of the industry. Safety authorities say a significant percentage of workers' compensation claims result from accidental falls or workers who are struck by falling objects. Proper personal protective equipment like fall harnesses can prevent falls, and hard hats can prevent head injuries.

Workers' compensation covers stress, fatigue in police officers

Police officers in California risk their lives every day to keep others safe. Their jobs are demanding, and along with the injury risks they face, a host of illnesses and diseases can be linked to the circumstances under which they work. This is recognized by the state-regulated workers' compensation system, which presumes that certain conditions that are typical in police officers are work-related.

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