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Give Your Disability Claim The Best Chance To Succeed

Most Social Security Disability benefits are denied at the application stage. If you have been denied Social Security benefits, it is important that you respond immediately and not let any important deadlines lapse. This is where hiring an experienced SSD claims attorney can be one of the best choices you can make for yourself.

Why Working With Us Helps

Statistically, a disability claimant who is represented by an experienced lawyer at the hearing level is more likely to be approved than an unrepresented claimant.

Ivancich & Costis, LLP, has successfully represented many disabled clients and we have extensive experience with Social Security Disability cases.

What We Can Do For You

Here is how having an Ivancich & Costis, LLP, disability attorney can help you win your disability claim at the hearing:

  • Organizing and evaluating your medical records
  • Prepping you for questioning
  • Questioning the vocational expert
  • Understanding the personality of the administrative law judge

Many times, disability claims are denied due to incomplete or disorganized medical records. One of the most powerful services our disability attorney can provide is assisting you with the collection of all the proper and pertinent medical records, organizing them and submitting them to the court. As the claimant, you can request records yourself. However, a disability attorney can get them quicker most of the time and evaluate them to determine whether they need updating or if additional medical evidence is needed.

Helping You Prepare

Another reason why you may want to consider having representation is that your attorney will be very familiar with the hearings procedure and can prepare you properly so you know what to expect. Your attorney may practice asking you questions the judge might ask, and assist you with your testimony. Being well prepared to answer the judge’s questions can make it less likely that you may say something that negatively impacts your case.

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