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Public safety officers must risk their health and safety while on-the-job. As recognition for this service, California law allows certain presumptions and benefits for public safety officers when it comes to workers’ compensation.

Presumptions are extremely beneficial. The law presumes that certain injuries and illness arose during the course of employment, meaning that the injured worker is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. In other circumstances, a person applying for workers’ compensation benefits must prove that the injury arose within the scope of employment.

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Workers’ Compensation Benefits For Public Safety Officers

Police and firefighters are eligible for full salary for one year when injured on the job. The usual workers’ compensation benefit is capped at two-thirds salary.

In addition, many peace officers and firefighters are entitled to a presumption that their illness or injury is work-related. These conditions include:

  • Heart trouble
  • Cancer, including leukemia, if the worker can demonstrate exposure to a carcinogen
  • Infectious diseases
  • Lyme disease

“Duty Belt” Presumption

There is also a presumption that officers who are required to wear a duty belt and subsequently experience back and lumbar issues had their condition caused by work. There are some eligibility requirements, however, such as full employment for five years previous to applying for benefits.

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While California law can be more generous with public safety officers, the workers’ compensation system can still be difficult to navigate. It may not be clear if you were exposed to a carcinogen while on duty, for example. We offer a free consultation, and accept no legal fees unless we recover for you.

As a well-established Contra Costa County workers’ compensation law firm, our attorneys have helped numerous peace officers, firefighters, emergency responders and other public safety officers get the benefits they deserve under the law. We have obtained million-dollar recoveries on behalf of clients, and we have extensive experience in the nuances of workers’ compensation for public safety officers. Several of our lawyers are board certified specialists in workers’ compensation and have also been selected for inclusion in the Super Lawyers list.

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