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How We Can Help At Your SSDI Hearing

Our clients are usually understandably concerned about the SSDI hearing. A hearing takes place after the initial application to obtain SSDI benefits is denied, and that denial was upheld on reconsideration.

The hearing, which involves questions asked by an administrative law judge (ALJ), is usually one of the last viable options to obtain SSDI benefits.

There can be a lot of stress and uncertainty with such hearings. At Ivancich & Costis, LLP, we help clients throughout the SSDI process, from initial applications through the hearing. We will clearly explain the merits of your case, help you compile evidence of your disability and why you qualify, and present your case before the ALJ.

Improve Your Chances With An Experienced SSDI Lawyer

There is no requirement to hire an attorney to assist you at your disability hearing; however, having an experienced disability attorney in your corner will vastly increase your chances of winning your claim.

With over 25 years of experience helping the seriously injured and disabled, you can rely on Ivancich & Costis, LLP, to present your case clearly, accurately and persuasively to the administrative law judge.

Questions? Give Us A Call At No Cost.

We know you still have questions about the hearing. We invite you to schedule a free initial consultation at one of our office locations in and Antioch, California, to learn more. We do not charge for an initial consultation and if we represent you in your claim, there is never a fee unless we successfully get you the benefits you need.

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