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Critically injured tree worker can claim workers' compensation

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has launched an investigation into an incident that caused critical injuries to a tree worker on a recent Monday. Whenever California workers suffer work-related injuries, they are typically entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Basic benefits cover at least medical bills and lost wages, and additional benefits might be awarded. 

Workers' compensation: Serious injuries go unreported

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health says Sunset Center failed to file a report within the required time after a worker suffered a serious injury. By law, workplace injuries that lead to death or serious injuries must be reported within eight hours, but this nonprofit apparently waited four days. Nevertheless, the injured employee will still be entitled to claim workers' compensation benefits.

Shoulder injuries are common at various workplaces

When you think of work-related injuries, your mind might turn to back problems. While that is the most common musculoskeletal issue that comes from work, it is far from the only one. Second on the list is shoulder injuries. These can be physically limiting, which can lead to time off work. In the case of severe damage for a person who has a demanding job, the problem can be career ending.

Many workers' compensation claims filed by new employees

Studies have found that a significant number of workplace injuries in California and elsewhere involve new employees. One such a study concluded that the risk of occupational injuries for new workers within their first month on the job is three times higher than for those who have more than 12 months of service. Sadly, according to the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, most workplace injuries that lead to workers' compensation claims are preventable.

Workers' compensation: Waste collection poses severe hazards

California workers who collect recyclable materials and other refuse face multiple safety risks every day. Workers' compensation records indicate that waste collection is one of the most hazardous jobs nationwide. Common dangers they face include chemical poisoning, exposure to vermin and injuries caused by sharp objects. However, safety authorities say ergonomic injuries are the most common occupational hazards in this industry.

Surviving family can claim workers' compensation benefits

Employers in California must protect their workers from harm. The responsibility includes informing employees of the work-related hazards they might encounter, and safety training on how to mitigate the dangers they face. It applies to all workers, regardless of whether they work on or off-site. This is to prevent workplace accidents, and although workers' compensation benefits can provide financial assistance to injured employees or the surviving family members of deceased workers, it could never replace lost lives.

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