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Personal injury: Woman fatally injured when truck rear-ends car

California car drivers and their passengers will always be vulnerable when the vehicle must be maneuvered in traffic among commercial trucks and buses. These large vehicles cannot stop instantly, and a big rig driver who is distracted for only a brief moment can be caught unaware if a light turns red. Coming to a sudden halt in front of a semi can have severe consequences, including the possibility of suffering personal injury or even death. 

Workers' compensation: Clean-up after wildfires will be hazardous

Workers who are involved in cleanup procedures after wildfires in California may not be aware of the risks they are facing. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health says many dangers exist even after fires are under control. Fire, gases, electricity and unstable structures are only some of the hazards to which workers are exposed. With so many potential causes of injury or illness, many workers will likely rely on the California workers' compensation insurance program to help them cope with doctors' bills in the aftermath of the cleanup process.

Precautions can limit workers' compensation claims

California workers who earn their incomes on industrial plants will likely know that they will always be exposed to multiple safety hazards. Employees who suffer on-the-job injuries may claim workers' compensation benefits, but there are ways to reduce incidents that could cause workplace accidents. Although it is the responsibility of employers to protect the health and safety of employees, workers who look out for themselves are more likely to escape injuries.

Personal injury, wrongful death claims may follow four-car crash

According to a report by the California Highway Patrol, a multi-vehicle crash on Highway 17 in Los Gatos led to road closures that lasted for more than five hours on a recent Monday evening. While some victims suffered personal injury, one driver died at the crash scene. Authorities say 938 collisions happened on this highway in 2016, the highest in 13 years.

Workers' compensation: Fall from elevated pallet can be deadly

Employees in warehouses and distribution centers in California typically face hazards related to forklifts and other materials handling equipment. One of the most prevalent causes cited for injuries on workers' compensation benefits claims involves employers allowing employees who are not qualified to operate these dangerous vehicles. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has strict safety regulations in place to prevent forklift accidents, and it is the responsibility of business owners to enforce compliance.

Personal injury: Crash kills driver, critically injures passenger

The California Highway Patrol closed off most of the westbound lanes of Highway 4 in eastern Contra Costa County for approximately three hours on a recent Wednesday morning. This was done after a multi-vehicle crash that occurred shortly after 8 a.m. It followed an earlier collision between a motorcycle and a car in which no one suffered personal injury. However, this caused backups on the already congested highway.

With tenacity and legal guidance, SSDI claims can be successful

The financial threats that sudden disability can bring could be devastating, but that is only one part of the struggle. Knowing that a significant percentage of applications for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits in California are rejected could be discouraging. However, SSDI rejection often results from simple errors made by the applicants, such as providing inaccurate or insufficient information or explanations. An applicant can improve his or her chances of receiving benefits by gaining knowledge of the claims process.

SSDI: Backlog causes hardship for applicants waiting for approval

A news report recently drew attention to the number of people nationwide, including in California, who are waiting for the Social Security Administration to process applications for assistance. Reportedly, about 1 million people are waiting to find out whether they qualify for SSDI, and many have died while waiting for a response. A former truck driver explained the effect this situation has on those who have to go on living while waiting for approval by the association.

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