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Workers' compensation: Hazards in agriculture

Along with California's achievement in being leaders in the production of vegetables, fruit, nuts, wine, flowers and cotton, comes the problem of high numbers of occupational injuries. Each year, a significant amount of claims for workers' compensation benefits is filed by workers in the agriculture industry. Farmworkers work with dangerous equipment such as tractors, large farm animals, and significant hazards of electrocution by underground and overhead power lines.

Requirements and benefits for filing workers' compensation claims

Most employees in California find comfort in the fact that their employers will have their backs if they should suffer work-related injuries. However, they might not be aware of the requirements for filing workers' compensation benefits claims. They can also benefit from learning which benefits they could expect to receive in the event of an occupational illness or injury.

Are hernias compensable under California workers' compensation?

Many job descriptions include the ability for the worker to be able to lift up to a certain weight. These workers, such as delivery drivers, manufacturing employees and fire fighters, can suffer harm because of the weight they might have to lift. When this happens, the employee may need to seek workers' compensation coverage for the medical bills and time off they have to take.

Will workers' compensation cover Coronavirus infections?

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health issued guidelines for precautionary measures to take to protect employees from exposure to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Although workers' compensation will likely cover work-related infections, the agency noted that health care workers and those who work in laboratory settings would be at higher risks than in other occupations. Risk assessments must determine activities and tasks that could expose workers and employers must have clear plans for action when exposure incidents occur.

How can workers' compensation death benefits help?

A family in San Rafael recently lost a loved one in a fatal workplace accident. Along with their heartache, they will likely also have to cope with unanticipated expenses and lost income. This is where the California workers' compensation system typically comes into play by providing survivors' benefits.

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