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Confined space injuries give rise to workers' compensation claims

Confined spaces are work areas that provide enough space for a worker to perform work but have restricted or limited points of access and exit. They are typically not suitable for extended periods of occupation. These dangerous areas are present on various work sites in California, and noncompliance with prescribed safety standards can lead to workers' compensation claims for serious injuries or worse.

Chemical exposure could lead to workers' compensation claims

Exposure to industrial chemicals can have severe consequences. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has strict standards in place to protect those who work in industries where they could be at risk. Despite these regulations, the California workers' compensation program continues to receive benefits claims for workers who were affected by hazardous industrial chemicals.

How much can you receive for temporary disability benefits?

When you get hurt and you are suddenly unable to continue working, you may not be ready to absorb the loss of your income. An injury won't care that you have a mortgage and other bills to pay. Most people don't have enough money in savings to cover their monthly expenses for as long as it can take to heal from a back injury or a broken bone.

Workers' compensation can ease money concerns after injuries

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has launched an investigation into possible safety violations at an air conditioning company. This follows a severe workplace injury that sent a worker to a Sacramento hospital with life-threatening injuries. The state-regulated workers' compensation system will likely ease this victim's concerns about finances and his ability to care for his family.

Workers' compensation covers heat-related illnesses

Safety and health authorities say hundreds of heat-related deaths occur nationwide every year, including in California. Many of the workers' compensation claims for heat illness involve outdoor workers who were exposed to excessive heat. Although employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees, workers must know the danger signs to look for in themselves and their co-workers.

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