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Does receiving workers' comp benefits affect SSDI eligibility?

Suffering a serious workplace injury can adversely affect the financial stability of a worker and his or her family. California workers might be unsure whether they are eligible for workers' compensation or Social Security Disability Insurance, or both. While SSDI is a federal program, workers' compensation insurance is a state-regulated system, each with its own requirements for eligibility.

Workers' compensation: Tree worker dies in workplace accident

Tree workers in California face multiple life-threatening safety hazards each day. Chainsaws, log splitters and other power tools understandably cause many injuries, but dangers can lurk in areas where employees might least expect. This often results in severe or fatal workplace injuries caused by unexpected hazards, and the number of workers' compensation claims filed by tree workers or their surviving family members each year underscores this.

Workers' compensation: Unprotected trenches can turn into graves

Workers in the construction industry are frequently exposed to the hazards of trenches. A significant percentage of workers' compensation claims filed in California result from trench collapses. Federal and state safety authorities prescribe strict safety standards for trench work, and compliance can protect workers from cave-ins, hazardous atmospheres, falling loads and the dangers posed by mobile equipment.

How job displacement benefits help you regain lost income

The more commonly used workers' compensation benefits are, the greater awareness there is about them among the working population in California. Many people understand that workers' compensation will provide medical benefits with 100% coverage and disability benefits that replace a portion of a worker's average weekly wages, up to a routinely adjusted maximum benefit amount.

Personal injury lawsuit filed against city of Los Angeles

The wife of an officer in the Los Angeles Police Department included Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Chief Michel Moore, along with others, as defendants in a lawsuit filed against the city. It is alleged that her husband contracted typhus while on duty, and passed it on to her. She recently filed the personal injury lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Cellphone distractions cause many workers' compensation claims

Cellphones have become part of the lives of most people in California, so much so that they go nowhere without their mobile phones. Many workers may not understand why employers discourage or even forbid cellphone activities during work time. A superintendent of a masonry manufacturer in another state recently tested the theory that cellphones on the worksite adversely impact productivity and worker safety, which often lead to workers' compensation claims for injuries suffered in preventable accidents.

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