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How job displacement benefits help you regain lost income

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2020 | Firm News |

The more commonly used workers’ compensation benefits are, the greater awareness there is about them among the working population in California. Many people understand that workers’ compensation will provide medical benefits with 100% coverage and disability benefits that replace a portion of a worker’s average weekly wages, up to a routinely adjusted maximum benefit amount.

What fewer people realize is that there is another benefit that can help those who suffer an injury or illness with permanent implications for their current career that won’t prevent them from pursuing other forms of employment.

Permanent partial disability benefits can increase your income if an injury or illness acquired at work permanently reduces your earning potential. However, you may also be able to secure compensation for job training that can connect you with better wages and a more accommodating profession after a workplace injury or illness.

Workers’ compensation offers supplemental job displacement benefits

Job displacement occurs when an injury or illness has a permanent impact on your ability to continue in your chosen career. The more time you’ve invested in your career, the more significant the potential impact of your job displacement. You may have skills or experience that allow you to earn a much higher wage than you could earn anywhere else as an entry-level employee.

In the event that a condition that qualifies you for workers’ compensation will effectively end your current career, supplemental job displacement benefits can help you transition into a new field of work. Essentially, the state of California can provide you with a voucher that will cover the costs of vocational retraining or skill enhancement. These vouchers typically only work at specific academic institutions approved by the states and properly accredited.

How to secure supplemental job displacement benefits

Supplemental job displacement benefits are not automatic. Many people who could qualify for this important benefit don’t realize they have the option of applying for it. Workers in a variety of fields, especially highly physical and blue-collar jobs, could significantly reduce the financial impact of their injury by securing training for a new, high-paying career.

You will have to submit an application after your physician indicates that you could return to work, even if you can’t return to your current position. The maximum payment from the vouchers is $6,000, and in addition to training, can also cover computer equipment and miscellaneous expenses related to your job retraining.