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Beware of cumulative trauma disorders at work

Some workplace injuries are indisputable. A carpenter slices off the top digits of his fingers. A utility worker gets a serious shock while climbing the pole. A worker falls off of a high scaffold and breaks his back. In cases like those, the path to workers' compensation benefits should be clear-cut and obvious.

Workers' compensation: Police officers with cumulative PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder is often associated with members of the military. Many people do not realize police officers in California and elsewhere are also susceptible to this disorder, although a slightly different form of it. While soldiers typically suffer PTSD from one traumatic incident, police can suffer cumulative PTSD that builds up over time. Although it is typically covered by workers' compensation insurance, proving the condition to be work-related could be challenging.

Workers' compensation will assist family of deceased electrician

Electricity poses deadly hazards to workers across California, and the flowers and candles that were placed in Modesto recently are grim reminders of just how dangerous it is. The surviving family members of the worker who recently lost his life while working on a street light are likely eligible to seek financial assistance through the state-regulated workers' compensation system. In the meantime, the circumstances that led to this tragedy will be investigated by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

Personal injury: Premises liability suit follows death of golfer

Who would ever expect to suffer life-threatening injuries on a golf course? A recent premises liability lawsuit that was filed in California shows that it can happen. In fact, in this case, a golfer apparently died just more than a week after he suffered a personal injury on the defendant's golf course. The deceased golfer's surviving family members filed this suit against the golf course owner after they lost their loved one in March last year.

Personal injury: How safe are residents of gated communities?

Last November, a resident in a luxury, high-end apartment complex was found murdered outside his California residence. Although the identity of the killer remains a mystery, questions are being asked about the responsibility of the landlord toward tenants when it comes to security and their safety. Can he or she be held responsible for personal injury or wrongful death of a tenant?

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