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For what reasons are SSDI benefit claims denied?

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2019 | Social Security Disability Insurance |

Reports often indicate that most Social Security Disability claims for benefits are rejected upon the initial filing. People in California and other states who suffered debilitating injuries or illnesses might rely heavily on SSDI benefits to assist with the financial burdens of living and medical expenses. So, why are so many claims denied?

The lack of sufficient medical information can be jeopardizing. People who go for doctor’s examinations frequently gain more comprehensive evidence of the disability for the SSA’s disability examiner to use in determining eligibility. A claim can also be rejected if it is determined that the examiner does not expect the disability to prevent a return to work for longer than 12 months, or if the patient fails to comply with prescribed medical treatment and therapy. If an addiction to alcohol or drugs caused the disability, the benefits claim might be rejected.

The applicant’s work history will play a significant role in this process, as proof of contributions to the SSDI through payroll taxes is essential along with the number of years the person contributed. The SSA will also look at the applicant’s past occupations to determine whether his or her disability prevents the continuation of that occupation. The calculations of the amount of the awarded benefits will be based upon the earned income and contributions shown on the work history documents.

Other reasons for denied SSDI benefits include criminal convictions, a record of fraud, failure to cooperate with SSA requests, and the SSA’s inability to track the applicant down for communications. The entire process of applying for SSDI benefits could be daunting, and many people choose to utilize the skills of an experienced California attorney. A lawyer can assist with the navigation of the claims process and provide the necessary support and guidance throughout.