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Common causes of injuries for servers

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Employees in the hospitality industry, including servers, have a lot of hard work to take care of. These physically demanding jobs require careful attention to safety measures. Even seemingly small lapses in safety can cause catastrophic injuries. 

There are some common hazards that servers in the hospitality industry should watch closely for. These account for a good portion of injuries. Employers should ensure that workers have the tools they need to do their job duties safely, and they should train employees on proper procedures to help prevent the chance of injuries occurring. 

Wet floors and uneven surfaces

Most servers in this industry have non-slip shoes, but there’s still a risk present for them. Because of the fast pace of the work, employees might not always pay attention to where they step. Things like uneven floors, curled mat edges and items dropped on the floor can all lead to falls. Keeping floors clean and dry can help to keep everyone safe. 

Sharp objects and hot surfaces

Sharp objects and hot surfaces are also dangerous for servers, especially when they have to go into the kitchen or food prep areas. It’s important to get tasks done in an efficient manner, but rushing through tasks can be highly unsafe especially if you’re dealing with sharp objects like mandolins or knives. Even if you’re working around people using those, you should be very careful. The same is true if you’re working near things that are hot. 

Servers should ensure they’re following proper safety guidelines. Employers have to ensure they’re providing a safe work environment. Injured servers can file for workers’ compensation coverage to help take care of medical bills and other expenses related to the injury.