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Paramedics and EMTs risk workplace injury and illness

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

A career serving the public as a paramedic or emergency medical technician (EMT) offers many meaningful rewards. However, these occupations also come with more than a fair share of health and injury risks.

Some emergency medical workers fail to address symptoms of injuries and illnesses, preferring to remain on the job helping others. Other times, these service workers put off filing an injury report or seeing a doctor because they are too busy with work.

Take signs of workplace injury seriously

Unfortunately, work-related illnesses and injuries typically worsen without a solid treatment and recovery plan. Even when uncertain if your symptoms indicate a work-related injury, it is always wise to seek a medical opinion.

When you see a doctor for your symptoms, it adds to the official record of your journey through the California workers’ comp system. If a problem arises with your claim, this official record can help prove your case. According to one EMT training course, the following are the top five injuries mobile emergency workers face.

  1. Overexertion and body motion injuries from performing repetitive tasks over and over
  2. Exposure to bloodborne pathogens and other potentially harmful substances
  3. Fall accidents, often from navigating unstable terrain and traversing stairways
  4. Motor vehicle accidents from racing to the scene of an injured or ill person
  5. Violence or outright assaults from the patients or people they encounter on the job

You do not want to miss any work due to an occupational illness or injury, and the state of California appreciates your dedication. However, your fellow state residents would prefer that you heal properly before returning to your vital work.

To improve your odds of success when filing a claim, consider learning more about the workers’ compensation regulations and rules in your region.