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Health care professionals can also be injured

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Generally, we think of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals in terms of treating those who are ill or injured. There is no doubt that they do a special job, which can lead us to think of them as superhumans.

Nonetheless, the reality is that our health care professionals are only human, which means they are exposed to the same illnesses and injury risks as any other worker. In fact, due to the nature of their work, those in the medical profession may face a heightened risk of injury. Recognizing the more common sources of injury could help to ensure that health care workers are able to remain safe on the job.

Overexertion can be harmful

It is no secret that doctors and nurses work extremely hard. Shifts can be long and rest breaks few and far between. It is important to take note of the physical demands of this type of work. Medical professionals are constantly on the move, lifting items as well as twisting. Such activities create a potential for repetitive strain injuries. Injuries to the back are especially common and could result in a person having to take extended time off of work, or even permanent impairment in some cases.

The risk of violence

Sadly, those in the health sector are not always treated with gratitude and respect. Occasionally, patients may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, leading them to behave in an erratic manner. Sometimes, this can manifest itself as violence towards staff members. In fact, research suggests that nurses are three times more likely to face violence than those in other professions.

Health care professionals deserve to work in an environment that is safe. If you have been injured on shift, it may be in your best interests to gain a further understanding of your legal rights in California.