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Housekeeping workers face serious hazards

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Housekeepers have many duties and face considerable hazards as they do their job. It’s up to their employer to ensure they have the training and tools they need to do their job duties as safely as possible.

The risks housekeepers face can vary depending on where and what they’re cleaning. Let’s look at a few that can impact anyone who’s working in this industry.

Trips and falls

Cords and items strewn on the floors are tripping hazards. Wet floors are slipping hazards. Housekeepers must ensure they’re watching where they walk carefully to reduce the risk of falling. Wearing non-slip shoes and using cord management techniques for cleaning equipment are beneficial.

Chemical exposure

The chemicals the housekeeper uses can lead to serious problems if they aren’t handled correctly. All chemicals should have a Materials Safety Data Sheet so they can review how to use them safely. Personal protective equipment should be available to minimize the chance of harm.

Cumulative trauma

Repetitive motions can lead to injuries. Back, knee, shoulder, and elbow injuries may plague housekeepers. Using the correct tools and body mechanics can lessen the likelihood of these cumulative trauma injuries occurring.


While you might not really think about a housekeeper coming into contact with biohazards, they face the possibility of exposure to bodily fluids on a regular basis. This means that they might be at risk of contracting communicable diseases.

Anyone in the housekeeping industry who’s suffered an injury at work should receive prompt medical attention. Workers’ compensation should pay for that care. It may also provide partial wage replacement for workers who have to take considerable time off while they heal from the injury. If you have to fight to get the benefits you’re due, it’s best to have experienced legal guidance.