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What happens if you can’t do the same job after a work injury?

| Sep 15, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Work injuries often lead to a short-term disruption to your job performance. You have to let a manager know about whatever happened that left you hurt, and you may need to leave work to receive medical evaluation or treatment. 

Many workers will only need a day or two off of work to recover from their injuries, but others may notice more lasting consequences for their medical issues. What happens if you can’t do the same job anymore because of a work injury?

You may qualify for partial disability benefits

Workers’ compensation in California will help you connect with medical care and will replace some of your income if you require a leave of absence from work. Most people will recover fully and go back to doing the same job they have long enjoyed. 

For a smaller number of workers, an injury on the job may have permanent career consequences. If you can no longer stand all day or use your hands in the same way, you may not be able to keep performing the same work and earning the same income you have long enjoyed. 

Partial disability benefits can help replace some of the income you lose because of your reduced job function. You may qualify for permanent partial disability if you will never be able to do the same work again. You might qualify for temporary partial disability if you need different job responsibilities during your recovery but can later return to your former job duties.

Educating yourself about the workers’ compensation benefits available to you will help you minimize the long-term losses you suffer after a job injury.