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Will workers’ compensation disability leave you with budget gaps?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

California has a higher cost of living than many other states, which means that workers can usually command higher wages. You likely need as much income as possible to cover your rent or mortgage and other basic expenses. Unfortunately, your income can dry up almost instantaneously if you get hurt on the job.

A job injury can mean a lot of medical bills and days or even weeks without a paycheck. The worse your injuries are, the longer it will probably take for you to be able to return to work. Thankfully, California’s workers’ compensation insurance program will help you.

You can apply for benefits that include full medical coverage and also disability benefits that help replace the paychecks you aren’t earning during your recovery. The medical coverage offered is comprehensive and will pay for 100% of your care, leaving you with no financial responsibility for necessary treatment. The disability pay is, unfortunately, less generous.

What disability benefits does workers’ compensation offer?

Workers in different situations can qualify for multiple kinds of disability benefits. Those who need a temporary leave of absence to receive treatment or recover can receive temporary total disability benefits. Those who can’t do their usual job but who can work in some capacity during their recovery can receive temporary partial disability benefits.

In cases with workers who will have a permanent impact from their injuries, permanent partial disability can help reimburse them for reduced earning potential because of an injury. Permanent total disability benefits help those who cannot work at all in the future.

Partial disability benefits depend on the degree of impairments because of their medical condition. Total disability benefits max out at just two-thirds of your average weekly wage.

California also has a maximum disability payment

The more you earn, the more likely there is to be a significant gap between your workers’ compensation disability benefits and your typical income. California has a maximum benefit amount, which the state occasionally revisits and increases. Currently, workers can receive no more than $1,383 through workers’ compensation, regardless of how high their typical wages usually are.

Learning about workers’ compensation benefits in California makes it easier to get benefits and to protect your family after a work injury.