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What are the most dangerous jobs in California?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

California has one of the strongest economies in the world. Industries ranging from entertainment to agriculture generate billions of dollars in revenue and attract workers from all backgrounds to the state. With so many millions of residents and such a diverse economy, it’s little surprise that California also sees a substantial number of workplace injuries and even worker fatalities.

Like the rest of the country, California does offer workers’ compensation protections to those who get hurt on the job. The state also has employment laws that are more beneficial for workers than basic federal protections.

However, those safety rules and benefits are often cold comfort for those who have lost a loved one or suffered a career-ending injury. Identifying the most dangerous jobs could reduce your risk, especially if your career is one of the most dangerous ones possible.

What professions have the biggest amount of risk for California workers?

Construction tops the list of most dangerous jobs in California, with 80 deaths reported in 2019. That’s the most recent year with data available from the California Department of Industrial Relations.

Transportation and warehousing were a close second, with a total of 74 worker deaths, 42 of which occurred in truck-related transportation incidents. Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting had 48 worker deaths, retail had 30 and professional/business services reported 58 deaths.

For the most part, this list aligns with national statistics. Transportation, agriculture, construction and forestry remain among the most dangerous professions in the country for both injuries and fatalities.

How can people in dangerous jobs be safer?

Realizing that you work in one of the most dangerous industries in the state is an opportunity. You can learn about the specific risk factors and potentially reduce your risk of getting seriously hurt while working. You can seek proper training and learn to identify risk factors on the job before they hurt you or someone else.

If your job risk is higher than other workers, it might also be worth the effort to educate yourself more about workers’ compensation benefits and how they might protect you after a job injury. Learning about workplace safety and workers’ compensation benefits in California can protect you and the people who depend on you.