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Traumatic brain injuries can make returning to work difficult

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2020 | Firm News |

People who suffer a traumatic brain injury may have difficulties when they try to go back to work. It is sometimes thought that they should be able to jump right back into the job they had prior to the injury, but the fact remains that issues can persist long after the traditional healing period.

A person who’s suffered a brain injury might need to have special help or accommodations when they return to work. It’s possible these will be covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, but finding the accommodation that works might prove to be a challenge.

Cognition challenges and work

Traumatic brain injuries can lead to problems with cognition, which is the process of thinking and knowing. It includes things like being able to learn and retain information and decision-making skills. Because these are integral to many jobs, it’s imperative that a person who has a brain injury figures out ways in which they can best cope moving forward.

Not all victims of a traumatic brain injury will require the same assistance. The way their injury impacts their cognition and how serious it is influences this. Some people might find tools and techniques that help them as they go through occupational therapy. Others may need to use trial and error to determine what’s going to work for them.

Simple ways to improve cognition

Having to process large blocks of information might be a challenge. In order to make this possible, tasks may need to be broken up into smaller bits to make it easier to understand and remember. Having the steps for tasks written out is another useful option. Being able to have someone help them until they are familiar with the way to do a specific job could also be helpful.

A person who has a brain injury may require more time than others doing the same job. Building this extra time into the day can reduce the stress the person feels. Stress on top of the impacts of the brain injury can make even small tasks seem insurmountable, so it’s best to try to keep things relaxed and calm.

Unfortunately, the therapy that it takes to recover from a brain injury is costly. Some patients might not be able to return to work, and others might have to work less. All of these financial impacts can wear on the person. They might decide to file for workers’ compensation after the incident that led to the brain injury. If you’re in this position, take action swiftly because California law limits the amount of time you have to try to file.