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Workers’ compensation: Burn injuries can be life-changing

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

California workers in various occupations risk suffering burn injuries, which are classified according to their severity. Although a victim of a serious burn injury might be in shock in the immediate aftermath of the incident, it is essential to recognize the severity of the injury and the need for urgent medical care. Although some workers are concerned about the costs of medical care, they might find comfort in learning that the workers’ compensation system of the state will take care of it.

The least serious burn injuries are called first-degree burns. They affect the outer skin layer, and although the burn site may be painful and red, no blistering will occur; treatment entails over-the-counter medication. However, medical care may be necessary, particularly if the damaged area is in the face or affecting a major joint. The same applies if the burn destroys both the outer and some of the inner skin layers. These are second-degree burns that will cause redness, swelling and pain, and blisters.

Third-degree burns are most dangerous because they damage both the outer and inner skin layers along with the inner fatty, or subcutaneous tissue. The burned area will appear charred or white. Any worker who suffers third-degree burns needs urgent medical care, before even removing clothes because some of the skin could bee peeled off with the clothes.

Burn injury victims may require extended periods off work for medical care, skin grafts and other surgical procedures, rehabilitation and recuperation. Fortunately, California workers can rely on receiving financial assistance through the state-regulated workers’ compensation program. The prospect of dealing with the benefits claims process can seem daunting, but that is where the skills of an attorney with experience in this field of the law come in. Legal counsel can assist throughout the ensuing administrative and legal proceedings in pursuit of benefits as allowed under applicable laws.