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3 most common workplace injuries leading to missed work

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Workplace injuries are serious problems that workers shouldn’t have to deal with. Employers must take steps to ensure that they are providing safe places for their employees. Because there are some injuries that are more common than others, it is critical that all employers and employees are aware of how they can reduce the risks.

There are many factors that can impact the injuries that are possible. To determine what needs to be done, employers have to think about the specific risks of the jobs in the company. No matter what industry a company is in, there are some injuries that are always possible.

3 most common workplace injuries

When it comes to workplace injuries that lead to missed workdays, there are three that account for the majority of the issue. Around 33% of missed day injuries come from overexertion injuries like those involving repetitive motions and lifting. Contact with equipment and objects lead to 26% of cases involving missed work, and falls, slips and trips cause 26% of missed time at work. Removing the causes of these three types of incidents will greatly reduce the incidence of employee injuries.

Preventing injuries

The prevention of workplace accidents and injuries must be a priority. Each company should have protocol in place that enables workers to avoid having to bend or reach too far when they are lifting. Guidelines for lifting hefty or bulky items must be in place. Proper placement of heavy objects and procedures for moving equipment are also critical. Companies should ensure that workers have all the equipment necessary to remain safe.

Addressing incidents

If a worker is injured, the company should have protocol in place to address the need for medical attention. Information about where the worker should seek care and a procedure for reporting the injury should be readily available for all employees.

Workers’ compensation coverage pays for the medical bills and offers some other benefits for injured workers. Some workers might not get the full benefits they are due, so it may be necessary to file an appeal. There are strict time limits for these appeals and other facets of workers’ compensation claims, so be sure to review anything sent to you thoroughly to determine whether you need to act.