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Why is knee pain such a serious issue?

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Knee pain while you are working is a serious problem that must be addressed right away. It is never a good idea to ignore the pain because this could allow a minor injury to get worse. Seeking medical care is imperative. Be sure that you report the injury to your supervisor so they can ensure you get to a doctor or emergency room that works with their workers’ compensation provider.

Workers’ compensation coverage, which employers are required to carry, covers medical care and partial wage replacement when a worker suffers an injury while they are doing their job duties. It also covers the therapy that you need to get back to working condition.

What signals a knee injury?

The most common symptom of a knee injury is pain. You might also notice that you don’t have a good range of motion or that it becomes stiff after you sit for a while. Even if you discover the knee injury after you return home from work, alert your employer. You can still receive workers’ compensation benefits, but it is very important to your claim to connect the knee pain to a work accident or to the rigors of your job.

Sometimes, knee injuries are evident because the joint is obviously deformed or unable to bear weight. It might make a crunching or popping noise, and it may feel unstable or weak. It may become red or warmer than normal. If any symptoms are evident, medical care is necessary.

What happens when you see a doctor for knee problems?

The doctor will try to determine the underlying cause of the knee problems. If you were involved in an accident at work, or if your job duties make your knee sore, you can tell the doctor so they can use that information to help determine what type of injury you have and what kinds of treatments will work.

You might be given a knee brace and have to go through therapy. Medication may help to mnage the pain and inflammation, and you could require surgery. It is best to discuss your needs with the doctor so they can inform you of your options.

If you are unable to go back to work right away, you still need a way to pay your bills. The partial wage replacement benefits of workers’ comp do this, and you may qualify for other benefits. If you file for workers’ compensation and don’t receive what you are due, an appeal could be necessary. There are strict time limits so be sure to think about this when you are considering an appeal.