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Workers’ compensation benefits crucial for EMS workers

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Emergency medical workers, police officers and firefighters in California and across the country, see destruction, death and other emergencies every day. The typical person can become overwhelmed by stress just because of unpaid bills, relationship problems or other personal issues. Multiply that stress level by 100 to even start to understand the stress experienced by emergency services workers; as such, it is crucial for them to receive all applicable benefits under state-regulated workers’ compensation laws when needed.

The sad part of this is the fact that excessive stress levels and the extreme emotions with which EMS workers must deal have caused suicide rates to escalate in all public safety professions. Moreover, divorce rates among these workers are growing. Safety authorities say more must be done to address the long hours, extended periods of shift work and other aspects that cause burnout.

Shift work can cause sleep deprivation, which is linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, emotional changes and gastrointestinal conditions. Furthermore, negative affective responses could reduce job satisfaction, performance and productivity. This often leads to absences from work, family and relationship problems and, ultimately, suicidal ideas. In the long run, EMS workers may develop post-traumatic stress disorder.

The California workers’ compensation system provides the necessary support for EMS workers through any of the conditions that might result from the excessive stress they typically suffer. An attorney that is experienced in dealing with EMS workers and their medical and therapy bills along with lost wages can be a valuable asset for those in need. Legal counsel can navigate the benefits claim process to pursue recovery of maximum compensation while the client works on recovering physically and returning to work.