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Overexertion injuries eligible for workers’ compensation benefits

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

A significant percentage of the workforce in California suffer overexertion injuries because they attempt to do more work than certain body parts are capable of handling. Sprained ligaments and strained or torn tendons and muscles caused by lifting, pushing and pulling objects give rise to many workers’ compensation benefits claims. The best way in which workers can prevent such injuries is by knowing and respecting their physical limits, and listening to their bodies when they warn them to stop.

Different types of exertion can cause damage, the most common being high force demands during lifting, pulling, pushing, gripping, carrying and using heavy tools. Reaching, twisting, kneeling and bending often force workers’ bodies into awkward postures. If they must remain stationary in such positions, their bodies will be taxed even more.

Repetitive motion injuries are also prevalent, with the most common resulting condition being carpal tunnel syndrome, although several other musculoskeletal injuries can result. Additional overexertion dangers include contact stress, extensive use of one hand in actions such as hammering, whole-body vibration and hand-arm vibration. Safety authorities expect employers to protect the health and safety of employees, and although mitigating steps can be taken to limit overexertion injuries, some employers disregard these hazards.

California workers who have to cope with the consequences of overexertion injuries might be anxious because ongoing therapy and medical treatment expenses accumulate quickly. If their injuries caused temporary disabilities, lost wages could further exacerbate the stress. However, help is available from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can assist with the navigation of the claims process to obtain assistance to ease the financial burden.