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SSDI claims process can be challenging

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2018 | Social Security Disability Insurance |

Any person in California who is debilitated after an accident or a severe health problem may rely entirely on Social Security Disability Insurance. However, many people are disillusioned when their SSDI applications are rejected. One of the reasons for denial is incomplete paperwork. If any of the required or vital information is not provided, benefits might be denied.

Failure to file a claim within the allowed time frame may also result in a denial. Furthermore, lying about the disability on the application can lead to criminal charges rather than Social Security benefits. Compliance with the physical therapy prescribed by a physician is essential, as any indication that treatment programs are not followed can jeopardize chances of successful claims.

Although a personal physician’s opinion can be valuable, an examination by the doctor of the insurance company is mandatory. Some claims are denied because the insurance company’s doctor disagrees with the applicant’s personal doctor. However, the fact that a claim is denied does not mean all is lost. Once the reason for the rejection is identified, it might be rectified.

SSDI applicants in California can seek the support and guidance of an experienced attorney from the onset. A lawyer can assist with the gathering of the pertinent and proper documentation and medical reports and determine whether any documents need updating. He or she will also know whether additional reports or medical evidence are required. The attorney can also assist with organizing the documents and submitting them before the expiration date, along with representing the client’s interests through every stage of the application process.

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