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Preventing personal injury will be priority at County Fair

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2018 | Personal Injury |

For two weeks before the start of the Riverside County Fair, safety authorities tested the various rides to ensure the safety of visitors to the fair. A spokesperson for the company that operates the rides explained that several different tests are carried out to check for cracks or metal fatigue. Accident data held by the California Division of Safety and Health shows that 15 incidents causing personal injury occurred statewide from 2007 through 2016 at sites where this company operated rides.

One incident injured a man in 2007 when the cart in which he was riding left the tracks and came to an abrupt stop. An accident in 2014 caused injuries to two people who were on a motorcycle ride when the mount broke. Hopefully, the thorough inspections will prevent such accidents this year.

Reportedly, special steps are also taken to protect the personal safety of fairgoers. Along with deputies of the Riverside County Sheriff’s office, private security personnel will patrol the fairgrounds. Extra attention will be paid to the perimeter to avoid the repeat of a gang-related stabbing last year when the metal detector was avoided by passing a knife through the fence.

Any person who is injured in an incident at the fair may be entitled to pursue recovery of damages. The best steps to take might be to consult with an experienced California personal injury attorney who can assess the viability of a personal injury lawsuit. If there are grounds for such a claim, the lawyer can assist with the navigation of ensuing legal proceedings to recover financial and other losses.

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