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Workers’ compensation claim may follow big rig driver’s death

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Big rig drivers in California face multiple workplace hazards while navigating the state’s busy freeways. Along with the crash hazards that they have to deal with, unattainable or unrealistic deadlines imposed by many employers force truckers to sacrifice rest time to meet the required standards. Sadly, fatigue is often the result, making them even more vulnerable while driving. An unexplained crash recently claimed the life of a truck driver whose family will likely rely on workers’ compensation benefits to assist with the unanticipated expenses.

It is unknown whether this driver suffered fatigue or another emergency, or whether an engine malfunction caused the big rig to veer off Highway 58 on a recent Saturday afternoon. The California Highway Patrol report indicates that the driver of a commercial truck which was fully loaded was westbound when the truck veered onto the right shoulder and over the edge of an overpass. The vehicle landed on railroad tracks below, blocking all rail traffic.

The paramedics of an ambulance company and firefighters arrived at the accident scene soon. Sadly, they were unable to extricate the big rig driver from the wreck. He was declared dead at the crash scene. Investigators are still working on trying to determine the cause of the accident.

Understandably, losing a loved one in a work-related accident is devastating. Along with having to deal with the loss, surviving family members will also have to cope with the expenses related to the funeral and burial along with the sudden loss of income. Fortunately, they are free to seek the guidance and support of an experienced California workers’ compensation attorney who can assist them with the process of filing survivors’ benefits claims. The benefits will help with the immediate financial challenges that typically accompany tragedies of this nature.

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