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Your rights and options when it comes to workers’ compensation

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When California workers suffer an injury on the job, they rely on their employer to help and support them. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Because an employer fears facing liability for creating an unsafe work environment, they aren’t often the ones helping employees in their pursuit for workers’ compensation.

As a result, employees seek legal support and guidance to ensure they collect the workers’ compensation they deserve. At Ivancich & Cotis, LLP, we know firsthand the important role attorneys play in protecting the rights of injured employees. As such, we are dedicated to informing employees of the rights and options following a workplace accident.

Work-related injuries

Whether it occurred on a construction worksite or in an office setting, an injury occurring in the work environment or related to the work an employee does is likely covered by workers’ compensation. This is the case even when a job has high risks of potential injuries or requires repetitive motions that could lead to injury over time.

This is where a legal team can be of assistance. While it is clear that these injuries can be costly, a legal expert can help calculate all of the past, current and future costs associated with the work-related injury. This will help ensure that the compensation sought is full and complete.

Workers’ compensation

Obtaining workers’ compensation is often imperative following a workplace injury. This is because an employee is often unable to work due to the injury and requires ongoing medical treatment to recover. This can be very costly and overwhelming.

While worker’s compensation takes the place of a personal injury action against an employer, it can help establish third-party liability. This means that a negligent driver, an equipment manufacturer of a defective product and others could be held liable for the harms suffered in a workplace incident.

It can be hard to navigate life following a workplace injury, making it challenging to move forward with a workers’ compensation action. This is why it is important to gain a full understanding of your situation, legal rights and options. This will ensure that you obtain the compensation owed to you, helping you on your road to recovery.