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The 5 basic types of workers’ compensation benefits in California

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

You work hard to support yourself and provide for your family. The problem is when the kind of work you do exposes you to risks and hazards. As a worker in California, you should know the benefits you can receive in case of an injury or illness caused by your job.

Medical care

Medical care benefits refer to the hospital expenses you need to diagnose and treat the injuries or illnesses you sustained in the workplace. Your employer should arrange medical treatment within the first 30 days from when you reported the injury or illness. You may also predesignate your preferred personal physician prior to the work-related injury or illness. Medical care benefits are subject to applicable treatment guidelines that your physician must adhere to for you to receive total compensation.

Temporary disability benefits

You can claim temporary disability benefits when you obtain a partial or total disability and are unable to perform your duties right now because of the disability. The disability is temporary so it implies you will be able to work again in the future. If you have a partial temporary disability and cannot fulfill your usual responsibilities at the moment, your employer can assign you lighter tasks while you recover. If you have a total temporary disability, it means you cannot perform any work at all presently, but you will be able to work again someday. Your temporary benefits should cover the costs of your medical treatment and the wages you lost from taking time to recover.

Permanent disability benefits

A permanent disability prevents an employee from performing their usual job ever again. They lose their ability to earn a living as a result. Aside from medical expenses, your permanent disability benefits should replace the wages you lost because of the disability and cover the loss of earning capacity. The severity of your permanent disability affects the benefits you can claim, but there are many ways to achieve the best settlement offer for your case.

Supplemental job displacement benefits

A supplement job displacement benefit is a voucher worth up to $6,000 that you can use to cover retraining and education costs incurred due to a permanent disability. You can also use it to pay for the tools you need to undergo training, including computer equipment.

Death benefits

If a work-related injury or illness results in death, the worker’s family can recover death benefits for burial expenses and the loss of financial support. The amount your family can receive depends on your income and the number of family members dependent on you.

Your workplace should be safe and hazard-free. If it causes you illness or injury, then you deserve fair and just compensation for everything you and your family suffered.