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What’s vocational rehabilitation in California?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

As a part of your workers’ compensation benefits, one of the things you may be able to seek is vocational rehabilitation. Vocational rehabilitation is used to help people learn new skills and start new jobs if they cannot return to the work they did before.

The purpose of this is to help people get back into employment, so they can have a sustainable income. Vocational rehabilitation may be helpful if you have a new or worsened disability or if you’re having trouble finding work because of limitations you have now. If you cannot return to your past job, then it’s reasonable to discuss vocational rehabilitation benefits and how they could help.

How do you access vocational rehabilitation in California?

Supplemental job displacement vouchers provide vocational rehabilitation benefits in California. These benefits are made available through a voucher that can be used to pay for training through different services.

It can pay for many different things, such as new books for schooling or tuition costs. There are requirements that you have to meet, though, such as being permanently disabled, unable to return to your work and not having a modified or alternative job offer at your original place of employment.

Vocational rehabilitation is extremely valuable to injured workers

For those who cannot go back to their old jobs, vocational rehabilitation is very valuable. It creates opportunities where there otherwise may not be any.

A supplemental job displacement benefit is valued at $6,000 regardless of the injury you have. That’s thousands you don’t have to take out of workers’ compensation payments that cover your lost wages, for example, or from other income sources.

Where can I get further education with my voucher?

Once you have a voucher, you may be able to use it with any of the providers on the state’s Eligible Training Provider List. You may also attend any California public school with the money. All you have to do is present the voucher to the school, and they will reach out to the claims department for the expected payment.

If you have questions about vocational rehabilitation, you may want to read through the workers’ compensation information you’ve received or speak with your attorney about how to access the benefits you need.