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Work-related brain injuries can lead to long-lasting problems

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Many people are at risk of suffering a brain injury at work. Even jobs that you’d think are safe, such as office workers, are also at risk. One of the primary risks is something falling on their head. This could be a book with files from a shelf or a tool from a higher work area. 

Head injuries are terrible events to happen at work because they can sometimes lead to permanent effects that make it hard — or impossible — for the person to return to work. It’s difficult to determine how such an injury will affect a person’s ability to perform their job duties. In some cases, the person may need some modifications to be able to get things done. 

What types of work modifications might be helpful?

There are many different types of accommodations that workers might find useful if they suffered a brain injury. Things like flexible work scheduling and taking more frequent breaks can be useful for people who have challenges with stamina. Natural lighting and glare-resistant screens can help if a person has visual difficulties. 

For some individuals who have traumatic brain injuries, vocational rehab, which is a benefit of workers’ compensation. This can help them to learn how to do a new job so they can support themselves. 

In other cases, workers who suffer on-the-job brain injuries may never be able to return to duty. In those situations, they may need the long-term benefits workers’ compensation can provide while they consider their alternative options, like a different position or retirement.

Anyone who suffers an injury at work should ensure they’re getting the medical care they need. There’s a chance that the benefits you’re provided won’t be what you were expecting. Appealing an incorrect workers’ compensation determination requires careful consideration, so work with someone who’s familiar with these cases is important.